Practical tips for visiting the Louvre museum in 2022

Publié le 14 Mars 2022

To visit the Louvre quietly in 2022, here are some practical advices tricks for enjoying the artistic treasures of this museum.

Practical tips for visiting the Louvre museum in 2022

Beware for closing days
- Every tuesday
- January 1
- May 1
- December 25.

Buy your ticket
Go the museum website to buy your ticket, click here and select the language. The ticket price is 17 euros.

Ticket validity
Your ticket is valid for the day and you are entitled to three visits to the access controls of the museum rooms. Please note that any exit is final, you cannot go out for lunch and return with the same ticket.

Practical tips for visiting the Louvre museum in 2022

Free admission
The museum entrance is free for :
- visitors under the age of 18
- 18-25 year-old residents of the European Economic Area
- visitors with disabilities and the person accompanying them.

Be careful : if you benefit from free admission, you still have to take a free ticket on the museum's website.

Where is the Louvre entrance ?
The main entrances is the Pyramid entrance, where there specific lines for each time slot.
I advise you the entrance through the Carrousel shopping center, you get there by 99 rue de Rivoli, or by the metro station "Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre" (take exit n° 6). The advantage is that you avoid waiting in the rain or in the cold.

Access to rooms of the museum
Many people are lost under the Pyramid as they search for "the entrance to the museum". The problem is that there are three entrances !

But in fact it's simple.
- Denon entrance : To go to most famous works : Mona Lisa, Victory of Samothrace, the Consecration of emperor Napoléon…
- Sully entrance: Egyptian antiquies, Venus de Milo…
- Richelieu entrance : Near estearn antiquities, French sculptures, the Napoleon III rooms...

Covid 19 measures
Now the mask and the health pass are no longer mandatory to enter in the museum.

Opening hours
The museum is open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. every day except Tuesdays.

Disabled visitors
See the informations about visitors with disabilities on this page of the website of the museum.

Self-service lockers are available free in cloakroom under the Pyramid.

In the rooms of the museum you can photograph without flash.

Cafes & Restaurants
It is forbidden to eat in the rooms of the museum. See here for the cafes, restaurants, and takeaway located in the Louvre, the Carrousel and Tuileries.

Wi-Fi access
Under the pyramid and in the museum there are free Wi-Fi access points.

Toilet / Restrooms
The toilets under the pyramid are always crowded, especially those of women. I recommend those inside the museum much quieter and cleaner.

Leave the museum
The main exit is the one that goes to the Carrousel shopping center. There is also an exit by an escalator near the entrance Richelieu but it is closed at the end of the day.

If you want clarification or have any questions, click here to contact me.

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